How to avoid tri-secrets and hold rogening events

On May 25, the declaration of a state of emergency regarding covid-19 was lifted. Unde
r the direction of local governments in Japan, both the prevention of infection spread and social and economic activit

ies will be achieved. It is necessary to think about how to hold rogening events while avoiding "sanso" and preventing the spread of infection.

5 Steps to Avoid Tri-Secrets and Host a Rogening Event

Given the "three secrets" of the rogening event, during play (while walking/running around the city), it is not a "enclosed space" and there is no "dense and closeness of participants". If pa
rticipants can avoid gathering together at the venue on the day of the event, it is possible to hold an event that avoids "sango". I tried t
o break down this holding method into five steps. Below, I
would appreciate it if you could see it.

1. Decide where to hold

2. Think about the course

3. Set a course on NaviTabi

4. Announce the period of the event

5. Award

*1. and 2. If you have already prepared for the rogening tournament, I think you are prepared, so we will not prepare any new ones. If you can see it from 3.

1. Decide where to hold

First of all, let's decide the venue area.
In this way, the participants will not meet together, so there is no need to arrange venues, etc., and it is okay if you decide only the area feeling of the spots you are visiting.

2. Think about the course

Next, consider the course. Starting from the start/finish position, consider the photo spots in the event area. It is
friendly to participants when you set a place where transportation is easy to secure, such as a station or parking lot,

as a start/finish. In some cases, you may want to use a "start anywhere" format that does not position the start/finish.

Since the time limit is generally 2 hours / 3 hours / 5 hours, it will be a kimo that improves strategy by setting the number of spots at the last minute whether it can be turned around within that time.

3. Set a course on NaviTabi

Set the course on the smartphone app "NaviTabi".
If you are used to it, you can set the course in about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Course settings are more convenient from the web app.
In NaviTabi, the default map is the Geospatial Map, but if you have a map specifically prepared for the convention, you can set it as a custom map. (Coordinates are also matched.

4. Set and announce the holding period

Participants will enjoy the course at their convenience.

For example, you can set a period of about one month, including four weekends, so that you can enjoy roggeing at any time. In some cases, you may want to try repeatedly or make it OK.
In addition, the course set in 3 is the default setting that is open to the public in the NaviTabi app, but it can also be set so that only those who know the passcode set in advance can play.
From the organizer to each participant,
 Link URL that can fly to the course in naviTabi app
 Period of the event
participants will be available for play by simply announcing the three points.

5. Award

When the event period is over, it will be an award.
You can set up multiple classes in a single event, so it's a good choice for each class.

Each participant's play record is accumulated in the NaviTabi app, so you can easily view the results from the app. Even if an interim presentation is made in the middle of the holding period, it may be exciting.
In addition, when awarding, I think that many people can enjoy it not only by the top players, but also by setting "Middle Prize", "Booby Award", "Photogenic Award", etc.
In addition, it is also possible to reproduce the play trajectory of each participant in the web app.
Each participant who plays at a different time can continue to move and re-experience as if they had started at the same time.
With this feature, it may be interesting to try to "play out later" the fierce top fight between the top players.

As mentioned above, please consider holding a "rogening event that avoids sanso" by using the NaviTabi app!


Proposals to organizers of discontinued rogening events

We also feel very sorry for the many rogening events that have been decided to cancel in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, aiming to realize a world where the enjoyability of navigation is on a daily life.

If it is possible to hold the event without the help of a smartphone, it may be possible to experience the charm of each host area and the fun of navigation while increasing safety.
That's how we set up a special menu for the organizers of the discontinued Rogening event.

Special Menu

  ・ If there are more than 20 players per day, usually 500 yen / 1 play
  Free (free no matter how many people play)
 I will do.
(* For correspondence that requires work on our side, such as support for passcode locking on events and custom map support, we will charge a predetermined fee as actual cost)

Examples of usage fees

 (Example of utilization event)
  ・ 200 participants
  ・ Set a custom map instead of a map of the Geospatial Institute of Japan
  ・ Limit participants (notification of passcode to a limited number of participants from the organizer)

  500 yen ×200 plays + 10,000 yen (custom map support) + 10,000 yen (passcode compatible)
  = 120,000 yen (excluding tax)
  10,000 yen (custom map compatible) + 10,000 yen (passcode compatible)
  = 20,000 yen (excluding tax)

How about those who want participants to enjoy your city in this way, which was supposed to be really enjoyed at the discontinued rogening event? If you

are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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