Make the streets a navigation playground.

We want to send fun of navigation in people all over the world. Just put the app to the smartphone, the streets becomes a playground.
Through a “NaviTabi” app, We offer a navigation game to all streets.

Enables you to ... 1Enjoy Navigation On your Smartphone

You can enjoy a navigation game in a variety of courses published on the app. There are over 100 courses on the app, so you can enjoy ORIENTEERING, ROGAINING, PHOTO ROGAINING, MTB ORIENTEERING and many other navigation games!


Enables you to ... 2Publish Your Course on app

You can publish your own course on NaviTabi app. Let’s share fun with NaviTabi users.


Enables you to ... 3Organize Events

Not only the permanent courses someone have published, also you can hold a new event with our support.


Usage Fee

for the free events
Medium ~ Large scale events
Full Support
1 day up to 20 people
(Participation fee limited to the free event)
500 yen
/ per person per day
(Tax excluded)

・Creating a course
Course type: score / Point
Passing Certification: photography / GPS

・Play at the course that was created

・Real-time location tracking

・Results Display

・Results Output
Lap Center format. Only the course of the point format.

In addition to the functions of the free plan…

・And pay use in the event

・No upper limit of the number of players

Standard plan in addition to the functions…

・Event planning support

・Day operational support

Special plan

Free Events
For the free event discount plan
Students Club
To use in the student club, Free plan to be applied
Quote Free

Is a plan for free use events more of an unspecified number is participation.

If you want to internally available in the student club, we will provide the functionality of the standard plan for free.

Options(tax excluded)

Use of the quiz function

10,000 yen
Setting proxy options separately 10,000 yen

You can set an alternative type of quiz to check point. Quiz can be set using the app. If necessary available upon the configuration tasks on your behalf.

Use of custom map

10,000 yen
※You'll publish the course free of charge between the time being the case

You can use a custom map in place of the default map. Please provide a high-resolution map image data.

Restriction of course open range

10,000 yen

You can limit who can use the course with a password. Restriction of the domain name of the individual e-mail address (up to 20) or e-mail address is also available.

Application proxy

in preparation

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