Setting Up the Smartphone

Please check the following items when using the application.

For problems while using the application, please refer to the troubleshooting of the application.

Before Use

  • Download from App Store or Play Store the latest version of NaviTabi App.
  • Check on your device that the Location Services is ON.
  • Make sure that the NaviTabi app is able to use the device features.
    • iOS: Settings>NaviTabi
      • Location: Always
      • Precise Location: ON
      • Phoeto: All Photos
      • Camera: ON
      • Background App Refresh: ON
      • Cellular Data: ON
    • Android:
      • Settings > Locations > App Location Permission > NaviTabi: All the Time
      • Settings > Notifications > App Settings > All Apps > NaviTabi
        • Camera: ON
        • SMS: ON
  • Make sure that the Airplane mode is OFF
    • iOS: Settings > Airplane Mode: OFF
    • Android: Settings > Network and Internet > Airplane Mode: OFF
  • Make sure that the Low Power Mode of the device is off. When the Low Power Mode is ON, the restrictions on the device features may impact GPS performance.
    •  iOS: Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode: OFF
    • Android: Settings > Battery > Battery Saver: OFF
  • To play a sound when passing checkpoints on a Auto-Punch course, make sure that the Silent Mode is OFF. You can test the sound on the Setup Screen.
    • iPhone/iPad: Use the Silent Switch on the left hand side of the device to turn Silent Mode off.
    • Android: Settings > Sound > Silent Mode: OFF
  • It is recommended that the WiFi is OFF. When WiFi is ON, the app may show a an incorrect location using the WiFi location which may be incorrect.
  • Turn OFF all other Apps for best performance. There app may be slow or functions restricted or may shut off when there is not enough system memory.
  • Make sure the battery is at full capacity. The app consumes battery quickly. Make sure that a mobile battery is carried for longer courses.

Camera Settings (for Android OS)

  • Taking pictures with the NaviTabi app may not work properly on some Android models (mainly Sony). If this is the case, please switch setting to use  external camera app.
    • NaviTabi App side menu > Settings > Setup > Camera Type : External Camera App

While Playing

  • Performance of the NaviTabi app while the screen is off or in the background depends on the model, OS version, and system status. GPS and communication may be halted in some cases. Improvements have been made in recent update but if you are experiencing problems, keep the app screen displayed when approaching the control to punch, particularly for “Auto Punch” courses.
  • When it is difficult to play holding the device with display showing, try using armbands or puting in a pocket with display facing outside.
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