NaviTabi Group Feature

What is a Group?

Groups are a community feature for sharing and managing NaviTabi events with a specific group of friends, such as a club.

  • Group managers can create exclusive events for group members.
  • Once you become a member of a group, group events become easily accessible from your app’s main screen with just a tap.

How to Discover Groups:

To find groups:

  • iOS: “Groups” tab → “Find Groups”
  • Android: “Groups” from the side menu → “Find Groups”

Filter groups by country for easier navigation. Tapping on a group to see its details on the group screen.

Joining a Group:

Groups are either “Public” or “Approval-based”:

  • Public: Join immediately via the “Join” button on the group page.
  • Approval-based: Request to join, and await admin approval.

Starting Your Own Group:

Creating a group is free and simple:

  1. From the group list, select “Create New Group”.
  2. Provide the necessary details, such as group name, description, images, and country.
  3. For approval-based membership, toggle “Approval required to join”.
  4. Tap “Save”. The creator becomes the group’s owner and admin by default.

Inviting Members:

Share your group easily:

  1. In the group page, select “Share” to reveal a QR code.
  2. Share this QR code with those you want to invite.
  3. Invitees scan the code using a smartphone with the NaviTabi app installed, which leads them directly to the group page.
  4. They can then tap “Join” on the group page to become a member.

Adding Group Managers (Admins):

To add another group manager (admin):

  1. Inside the group page, tap “Members”.
  2. To promote a member to a manager, select their name and then “Change to Manager”.

Organizing Group-Exclusive Events:

Group managers have the privilege to:

  1. Access “Manage Group Events” from the Groups page.
  2. Select “Create New Group Event”.
  3. Fill in the details as with standard events.

Engaging in Group Events:

Exclusive to group members:

  • From the Main Screen: Events of joined groups appear. Select an event to dive in and play.
  • Within the Group: Inside the group page, tap “Group Events” to view and engage with the list of events.
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