Events Requiring Registration

Creating an event that requires prior registration allows the event operator to limit participants to only those who have been authorized.

Registration and Approval Process

  1. The Organizer will begin accepting requests.
    • You can set the operations to be allowed after approval.
      • Allow Play ・・・・・・・・・・ Default
      • Display Map ・・・・・・ If you don’t want to let them play yet
      • Block ・・・・・・ If you do not want to show the map yet
    • Please set to “Allow Play” setting before the event date.
  2. Participants choose a category and request approval to the event.
    • Player can enter the display name (nickname), additional information, and contact information when requesting.
  3. The Organizer will approve or reject the request for participation.
    • Organizer can enter contact information when approving or rejecting.
    • Organizer can set up aliases of participants to manage the event efficiently.
  4. Participants may play in any approved category.

Flow for the Event Participant

  • Click the event and category, and tap “Request”
    • Upon registration, participant may input Alias (Nickname), additional information, any comments.
  • When a “Request” has been made, “Request” button changes to “Waiting”
    • Request can be cancelled by tapping “Waiting”.
After Approval
  • When the request has been approved, “Waiting” will change to “Approved”
  • After request has been approved, play is possible.  However in the following cases the participant must wait until organizer makes changes to allow play.
    • If only the display of map has been approved by the Organizer
    • If the event has been blocked, the approved participant will not be able to choose the category

Instructions for the Event Organizer

Creating Events

When creating events switch on “Require approval to join”.

Accept entries to the event

After creating categories, entries to the event may be accepted with the following settings:

  • Change event setting to “Publish”
  • Change category settings to “Publish”
  • Choose “Organize Event” and click “Player List”
    • Change “Open to Requests” to Open from Closed.
      • To close, choose click again to change to “Closed”
    • Choose operation to allow upon entry approval
      • Allow Play    ・・・・・・・・ Default
      • Display Map ・・・・・・ Display map but not allow play
      • Block             ・・・・・・ Do not display map
    • Change to “Allow Play” by the event date

Accepting and Rejecting requests
  • If there has been a request to participate, a red badge will appear on the “Player List” button.
  • Organizer may choose from the Player List to approve or reject requests.
    • Messages can be sent when approving or rejecting
    • Alias can be created for management purposes

Player List management
  • Various notes can be recorded from the Player List,  including whether alias names, changing to absent, send message to participant, etc.
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