Getting Started

What can you do with NaviTabi?

NaviTabi is a smartphone app that allows everyone to enjoy Orienteering, Roganing, and other similar navigation sports on the iPhone or an Android device. NaviTabi also can also be used as a smartphone app to help organize navigation events efficiently with its GPS based punching and and various other tools such as course creation and map printing.

If you just want to enjoy running orienteering courses, just download the app, find a course and run.

You can also create your own courses and distribute using the app as well.

What do you need to run a NaviTabi course?

  • NaviTabi installed smartphone (iOS 15 or abovce, Android 9 or above)
  • Backup battery (recommended)

If you do not have NaviTabi installed, download from App Store or Google Play:

How to use the App

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