Available Plans

The maximum number of participants for the created event is up to 20 plays per day. You can expand the upper limit by charging separately. For details see Expand Maximum Number of Plays.

Charge Free Plan


  • Run the course
  • Creating courses (limit on maximum participants)(currently limit suspended)
  • Holding Events
  • Past 30 days Play Log

Player Plan

€2.99/month or


  • All features available under free plan
  • Downloading and Printing Maps
  • Downloading and Printing the Checkpoints Table
  • Unlimited Historical Play Log

Event Organizer Plan

€9.99/month or


  • All Player Plan Features
  • Discount on Play Limit Expansion
  • Enforce Live Tracking
  • Set Up Fixed Start Time
  • Set Up Time Pause Controls
  • CSV Output of Participant Data and Results
  • Other Features

Expand Maximum Number of Plays

Charge per event to expand maximum number of plays/day for 7 days (Currently Applies Only to Events in Japan)

Expand from 20 to 50

For Free or Player Plan


For Event Organizer Plan


Expand from 20 to Unlimited

For Free or Player Plan


For Event Organizer Plan


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