Event and Course Management

Event and Course Management 


The Events Managed Screen

To show the events that you manage, click on the button on the upper right hand corner. The below menu will show.

  • Sort
    • Allows you to sort how the events are shown.
  • Create New Event
    • Create a new event. Even if you are not organizing a public competition, but simply creating and publishing a course, you must first create an event here.
  • Manage Raster Maps
    • If you want to display your own map images as background maps, this menu manages those maps. If you use only the default background maps, you do not need to use this menu.
  • Archived Events
    • You can see the list of archived events.


After you choose an event from the events shown, the following menu will show:

  • Edit
    • You will be able to edit the event.
  • Test Play
    • You can test run the event. It is recommended that you test run event prior to making it public.
  • Expand Play Limit / Paid functions
    • Only upto 20 people per day may run the course for free. To expand beyond 20, click this to expand (currently no limit for outside of Japan). 
    • Useful paid functions can be turned on by clicking here.
  • Add event managers
    • You can add event managers. You will need to upgrade to paid version.
  • Organize event
    • You will be able to manage the event
      • Entry and Approval management.
      • Export entry list
      • Live Tracking of participants
      • Export Results by Category
      • Export Leaderboard by Category
      • Change the visible names of the participants
      • Check the photos taken by the participants
      • Manual adjustments of scores
      • Change a result to DNF or change back to completed run with time
  • Export PDF map
    • You can export a PDF map file of the event. Need to upgrade to paid version but preview is for free.
  • Export lap data
    • Lap times for a straight type course will be outputted. Can be either IOF XML or Lap Center format.
  • Generate QR code
    • You can generate a QR code for the event. If a NaviTabi installed device reads the QR code, NaviTabi app will open and the event screen will show.
  • Sales history
    • If you have created a paid course, its sales history will show.
  • Archive 
    • You will be able to archive the event. You can recover from archive as well.
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