プライバシーポリシー(日本語) | Privacy Policy(English)

プライバシーポリシー (日本語)


1. 取得するお客様

  • 氏名メールアドレス
  • SNSアカウント
  • サービスを使用する機器の情報(IPアドレス、OSなど)
  • その他事業者が任意に設定した個人情報


2. 取得方法

  • 本サービス上でお客様自身が入力する方法
  • 本サービスで自動的に取得・収集する方法
  • 当社による電子メール、書面、電話等により取得・収集する方法
  • お客様から当社に対する電子メール、郵便、書面、電話等によって取得・収集する方法

3. お客様の個人情報の利用目的

  • 本サービスをご提供するため
  •  本サービスに関するご案内、お問い合せ等への対応のため
  •  本サービスに関する当社の規約、プライバシーポリシー等に違反する行為に対する対応のため
  •  本サービスに関する規約等の変更などを通知するため
  •  本サービスの改善・開発等に役立てるため
  • 本サービスに関連して、個人を識別できない形式に加工した統計データを作成するため

4. お客様の個人情報の第三者への委託

  • 法令に定める例がある場合
  • 合併その他の事由による事業の承継に伴ってお客様の個人情報が提供される場合
  • お客様の個人情報が、主催者など本サービスを利用する特定の者との間で共有されている場合であって、あらかじめ、お客様に個人情報を管理する者を通知している、あるいはお客様が容易に知り得る状態に置いている場合

5. お客様の個人情報の管理およびセキュリティ

6. 変更および通知

7. お客さま情報の開示・訂正・利用停止・削除等の手続
お客様の個人情報の開示・訂正もしくは第三者への提供の停止・削除依頼につきましては弊社お客様窓口 info@navitabi.co.jp までご連絡ください。

Privacy Policy (English)

NaviTabi shall collect, use and provide to third parties, personal information of members (hereinafter referred to as “Members”) based on the following “Privacy Policy.” In order for a Member to use the services provided by NaviTabi (hereinafter referred to as “Services”), it is necessary for the Member to thoroughly read and agree to the following “Privacy Policy.”

1. Information collected
We shall collect personal information through the Services. Personal information refers to the following information, etc., from which, whether alone or combined, a specific individual can be identified.

  • Name and email address
  • SNS account
  • Information on devices using the Services (IP address, OS, etc.)
  • Personal information set at the discretion of other companies

We may disclose information that does not fall under personal information (such as statistical information indicating the trends of users in general, etc.) for explaining the details of our business or for other purposes determined appropriate.

2. Method of collection
We shall appropriately collect personal information of the Member using the Services according to the following means.

  • From information entered by the Member in the use of the Services
  • By automatic collection through the Services
  • Through emails, documents, telephone calls, etc. from NaviTabi
  • Through emails, postal mails, documents, telephone calls, etc. from the Member to NaviTabi

3. We shall use personal information of the Member for the following purposes. Personal information shall not be used except for the following purposes unless prior consent is received from the Member. In the event that we set forth provisions concerning the purpose of use of personal information apart from the Privacy Policy, the purpose of use in such provisions shall apply.

  • For the provision of the Services
  • For providing guidance and for handling inquiries, etc. concerning the Services
  • For handling acts violating our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, etc. concerning the Services
  • For improving and developing the Services
  • For preparing statistical data in connection with the Services, processed in form from which an individual cannot be identified

4. Consignment of the Member’s personal information to third parties
In the following events, we may consign the Member’s personal information to third parties within the scope necessary for operating and providing the Services, without obtaining the prior consent of the Member, except in the event that the Member requests in advance, the suspension of provision of such Member’s personal information to a third party. Measures shall be taken in order to secure the safety of personal information at the consignee, such as by executing a confidentiality agreement between such consignee.

  • Cases set forth in laws and ordinances
  • The Member’s personal information is provided in the transfer of business due to merger or other reason
  • In the event that the Member’s personal information is shared with a specific party using the Services, such as the event organizer, and the Member has been notified in advance or can easily learn of the party managing personal information.

5. Management and security of the Member’s personal information
We shall safely store the Member’s personal information collected, in a server within a secure environment of an external company that cannot be accessed by general users, and shall strive to prevent the unauthorized use, loss, damage, manipulation or leakage of personal information. Our Privacy Policy shall be applied by the consignee as well.

6. Changes and notice
There may be cases in which we may revise this Privacy Policy without prior notice. Please confirm the most recent Privacy Policy before using our Services. In the event that the Member uses the Services, the Member shall be deemed to have agreed to the details of the most recent Privacy Policy.

7. Procedures for the disclosure, amendment, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of the Member’s personal information
Please contact the following for requesting the disclosure, amendment, suspension of provision to third parties, deletion, etc. of the Member’s personal information.