Event Organizer Functions

A NaviTabi event can be created for free by anyone but the Event Organizer functions available for paid events and for upgrade subscribers gives you functions to run events more efficiently and also provides more flexibility in how the event is run.

Some of the key functions available are:

  • Creating PDF maps
  • Allow team to cooperate and manage the event
  • Enforce live tracking
  • Create Mass Start events
  • CSV export of results
Events of users up to 20/day is free. The event organizer can pay in-app to increase the max per day. However, events outside Japan are currently available to be used without the daily maximum limit.The Paid Event Organizer Functions can be used by the subscriber to the Event Organizer Plan

    • Event Organizer Plan can be subscribed in-app. The monthly fee is 9.99 Euro and annual fee is 49.99 Euro (for users in the Euro zone).

Event Management

  • Available to the Event Owner and Event Organizers.
Free Paid
Create and publish event
Assign additional Event Organizers to an event
Create an event that requires authorization
Add custom maps
Set up Quizes (only for iOS)
Create PDF file of course map Only Preview File
Create events that requires live tracking to be on
Create events that do not show other runners on live tracking

Category / Course Management

  • Available to the Event Owner and Event Organizers
Free Paid
Assign multiple users as Event Managers
Create straight course
Create score course
Create score course (start anywhere)
Import Course Data (IOF XML)
Set punch type (Photo / Auto )
Set punch range (10m – 60m)
Set size of the control circle (radius 10m – 50m)
Assign labels to the control on score course
Create paid courses
Attach downloadable PDF files
Create legs that are excluded from the total time
Create controls where you can stop time
Create mass starts

Event Management

  • Event Owner / Event Organizer / Event Manager
Free Paid
Assign Multiple Users as Event Managers
Trial Run
Create QR Code for the Event
Approve or Decline Participation Requests
Check the Participation List
CSV Export of Participants
Live Tracking
Check Photos
Adjust Scores on the Score Course
Export Straight Course Results (LapCenter/ WinSplits)
Show Results List / Ranking List
CSV Export of Results List / Ranking List


  • Please notify NaviTabi directly if you would like to set up courses without maximum time. Courses without maximum time is not free and the fee depends on how long the course would be available and expected number of participants.
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