More than 500 events posted

More than 500 events posted

53% of courses in Japan and 28% in France

The number of events listed in the NaviTabi app has exceeded 500 worldwide. Thank you f

or creating so many courses. The top five countries and

regions in the number of events listed are the same as at the time of the 400 mark, but event creation in France has increased, accounting for

28% of the total
. (as of 5/30) 1st place: Japan (270 e
vents, 53%) 2nd place: France (141 events,
28%) 3rd place: Taiwan (24 events,
5%) 4th place: Austria (18 events, 4%) 5th
place: Denmark (17 events, 3%) Almost ha

lf of the total is non-Japanese course, and I'm surprised that the manage
ment side is surprised. Overseas, in addition to regular rogening and orienteering, many people use it especially in MTB (mountain bike) orienteering.

Please take a look at courses from all over the world from webapp!

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