Eco x Sports with NaviTabi at a French Junior High School

The French web media “France Bleu” has introduced a case study of an ecology and sports challenge for junior high school students and their parents using NaviTabi.


The article says, “At a junior high school in Orange, a city in the Vaucluse region of France, a challenge to combine ecology and sports has started for students and their parents. This is the first of its kind in the world.

In this initiative, the NaviTabi app is used to display the locations of street trash cans scattered around the region. Under the “1km in 1 hour” rule, players walk around the area, picking up trash on the streets, throwing it away in the trash cans, and at the same time taking pictures of it. Players are given points based on the type and amount of trash they collect.

In the NaviTabi app, you can check-in (=punch function) when you arrive at the sorting location and upload the photos taken at the location, so it seems that you are using that function. (The registration of the type and amount of garbage collected is outside the NaviTabi application, but the photos taken will serve as evidence.


We feel honored that you have incorporated our new idea of using NaviTabi into your wonderful initiative that combines ecology, sports, and navigation.


<Some of the photos and course maps uploaded by players

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(This is a French article)




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