NaviTabi utilized in geography education program at Chiba High School

In May 2021, a geography education program using NaviTabi was held at Chiba Prefectural High School.

As an off-campus study for 320 first-year students, it was implemented as a program to pick up 100 geographically and geophysically distinctive places in the city and discover geographical events in rogening format using both Navitabi and paper maps.

The implementer, Takejin Kobayashi (geography teacher), combines an excursion excursion to learn while touring the field in geography and geostiology, and Rogaining, an activiality around the field, and is expressed in the word "excursion rogening".


In the questionnaire, it seems that there was an answer like ↓.

"It was good that walking around Chiba City deepened my interest in the local area and deepened my group with the members. “

"I've learned how I usually rely on people for directions. I want to be able to read the map by myself. “

"I walked quite a bit after a long time, but it was fun to walk while talking to everyone, and I think I was also strong ethn to look at the map. "It was a lot of fun to talk to a lot of people who didn't have much to talk about. “

"Also, I couldn't see the map the way I wanted, so I decided to use it on a normally each other. “

"I thought it was a good event to be able to deepen my friendship with the members. In addition, by having a destination and time limit, we were able to trust and cooperate with each other. I would also like to study off-campus like this one. “

"I thought I knew chiba well, but I was surprised to find a place I didn't know unexpectedly. It's where I'm from, so I thought I should know better. “


NaviTabi not only provides support for such negotiations and spot photography, but also allows a large number of players to play simultaneously and watch live, so teachers can watch the movements of students who become players when implementing it as an educational program in real time.

We hope that it will continue to be used in many educational programs in the future.




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