NaviTabi Monthly Report / May 2021

In order to communicate the situation of NaviTabi to users in a more timely manner, we have posted a monthly report from April 2020.



 1. Major updates for this
month's release
2.Number of users 3.Courses that are up
4.Cumulative downloads

1. Major updates for this month's release


< Update List (iOS) >

– French supported.

– Some French translations have been corrected.

– Portuguese supported.

– You can now set wards and villages for events in Tokyo and Kanagawa.
– France events can now be set up in regional territories and provinces.
– Several bugs have been fixed.

– You can now change your display username by event.
– You can now create quizzes with images.
– Several bugs have been fixed.

When using, please update to the latest version of the app.

2. Number of monthly users

The monthly number of users in May 2021 was as follows:
Plays:8,892 plays
Events created:388 events



3. Courses that are up

NaviTabi has2,599 eventsin30 countries.

About 60% are courses in France.


4. Cumulative downloads


NaviTabi's smartphone app has a cumulative download of26,008 (as of May 31).

The main breakdowns are as follows.

Top download countries and
regions : France (56%),
Japan (30%),
Portugal (5%),
Taiwan (4%)
and Austria (1%)

OS type /
iOS: 17,200 (66%)
・ Android: 8,808 (34%)


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