The 2nd "Let's reproduce past tournaments" campaign will be held

In the recent social situation, navigation sports such as orienteering and rogening are attracting attention as sports that are relatively difficult to become close, but there were many events that had to be postponed and canceled by all means.

"I've been preparing with all my strength so far…"

"I wanted you to enjoy the best course on the map I prepared…"

The event that has been canceled cry
ing is a good thing, but there are still events that are
not yet …

We will hold the second campaign to reproduce past competitions, thinking that we can somehow deliver these events to those who were scheduled to participate.

What kind of campaign?

This campaign can be used without initial cost or cost burden (*1). ※1… Excluding exter
nal expenses and test running expenses that course providers can provide if necessary.

The course that was scheduled to be held at the event will be posted on NaviTabi and will be played by partic
ipants. We will respond from the time you provide the course until you publish the event on NaviTabi afterwards. (Separately, if you need to go outside or run, we ask the course provider to respond.) )

For events, we will set a password and send the password to the person who paid the participation fee.

After the public period ends, a portion of the participation fee revenue will be returned to the course pro
vider. (Please refer to the PDF at the bottom of the page for an estimate of the price.) Application

deadline: Until the end of March



For other details, please refer to the PDF below.
[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”過去の大会を再現しよう第2弾.pdf”]


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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