NaviTabi was used in "Kure City Rogge" (Sunday, October 11)

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, we had our NaviTabi app utilized at "Kure City Roge" (sponsored by ITADAKI) held in Kure City

, Hiroshima Prefecture. Event HP:

A total of 55 teams of 2-5 people participated in the 5-hour course and the 3-hour course, each with a general and family section.


ITADAKI is creating a digest movie ↓. You c
an see how the participants are having fun.

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NaviTabi's Role

In this event, ITADAKI was planning a town rogge event to enliven tourist destinations damaged by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and we used our NaviTabi app with the aim of reducing the labor and cost of operation.

By utilizing the NaviTabi app, you can enjoy labor-savi
ng benefits such as improving the effic
iency of registration management of participants
, grasping the participant position in real time , a
nd grasping the acquisition point aggregation from the app.

At this event, which was operated with the utmost consideration for preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, I think that we were able to cooperate in reducing the on-site work of the operation as much as possible.


NaviTabi will continue to work on the excitement of navigation events that contribute to regional development.

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