NaviTabi Monthly Report / October 2020

In order to communicate the situation of NaviTabi to users in a more timely manner, we have posted a monthly report from April 2020.



 1. Major updates released this m
onth 2.Monthly user
s 3.Cumulative downloads

1. Major updates for this month's release

There will be no app updates this month.
When using, please update to the latest version of the app.

2. Number of monthly users

The monthly number of users in October 2020 was as follows:
Number of plays: 1,090 plays
Number of events created: 197 events



3. Cumulative downloads


NaviTabi's smartphone app has a cumulative dow
nload of 7,630 (as of October 31). T

he main breakdowns

are as
follows. OS type / iOS:
4,780 (63%) Android: 2,850 (37%)

Top download countr
ies and regions
– Japan (64%) and
France (17%) T
aiwan (7%) Portuga
l (3%) Denmark (2%)

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