Let's reproduce the past tournament! campaign

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At NaviTabi, "Let's reproduce past tournaments!" Start the campaign.



Do you have any thoughts about this??


"It's hard to create a new course."


"I want a lot of people to run a course that takes time and effort."


"I want to make effective use of my maps"


"I want to open events, but I don't want to be dense."


"We want to provide easy orienteering opportunities"

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We will help you to hold re-running events of past tournaments using the NaviTabi app, which allows you to easily hold events while making effective use of courses and maps. (Point O, rogening is not required.) )


・ The organizer will provide a map and course every time you navigation.

・ Every time you are navi, you will use a password and open it to the public.

・ By sending the password from the organizer to the applicant, the applicant will be possible to race at the time using the NaviTabi app.



Flow of application


1. From the inquiry form, the title is "Let's reproduce the past tournament!" Please contact us by writing "Campaign application".

2. Create an event using the NaviTabi app. (Can be acting on behalf of)

3. Import the map and set the course. (Agency and separate fee)

4. Please perform a test run. Please modify the course if necessary. (Consultation required on behalf of the agency)

5. Please create and publish the guidelines. (Agency and separate fee)




Base cost

Initial cost

5000 Yen

Per participant

500 yen

Agency fees

Map import agency

From 10,000 yen

Course setting agency

From 10,000 yen

Test run and course correction agency

Consultation required

Guideline creation agency

From 10,000 yen


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