Scheduled to be held on October 17 and 18! Navi Tabi Rogge in Takao Forest

"Navi Tabi Roguet in Takao No Mori" is scheduled to be held on October 17 and

18, 2020. < entry from here
↓> (reception closes as soon as the capaci
ty is reached) We ran a test r

un with the staff on September 22, so we will report the situation by video.
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In this course, various spots are hidden in the Takao area. It is a rogening e

vent where you can experience the charm of both the Mt. Takao side and the Hachioji city area side at the venue of "Takao no Mori Wakuwaku Village" located at the tip of the hilly area.

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on on the event. <大会HP>


*Measures against infectious diseases

The following infectious disease control measures are in place at this ev

ent. ・ The date is divided into two days, and the 3-hour part is held on Saturday and the 5-hour part is held on Sunday. Limited to
100 people each day. ・ The start time of 100 people each day is further divided into two times, and an interval of 1 hou
r is set. ・In addition to wearing a mask by the staff, staff who may come into contact with the participants at the reception are wearing
vinyl gloves. ・ Participants will also cooperate in temperature inspec

tion and disinfection. In addition to these, by using the NaviTabi app, the opportunity for participants and staff to come into contact with each other, such as checking photos, is reduced as much as available, and complex time management by starting the time difference as described above is simplified through the use of the app.

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