Make your course official content! Application deadline: May 31

It is a notice of the cour
se recruitment. NaviTabi is currently campaigning for courses that can be suspended and resumed. With

the latest NaviTabi app, you can now interrupt or resume along the way if you want to enjoy a long course. With
this new feature, we hope that many people will enjoy a course that will take a long time to enjoy a wide range of exploration ar

eas. If you can apply for this campai

gn, please inform NaviTabi of the
rogening course held in the past and

the course that you can enjoy over a w
ide range of time. After setting it so that
it can be interrupted and resumed, it will be posted on the top screen o

f the NaviTabi smartphone app. In addition, those who apply will receive a Navi

Tabi T-shirt! The deadline is [May 31]. We look forward to your contact!

Long courses that can be suspended or resumed currently listed

Setagaya 33 Sacred Place Tour

 Course providers a
round Setagaya-ku, Tokyo: "Nogawa's Cargam
o" Total number of spots: 38

Touring the footsteps of Ko-Kinmaki

 Around Nagareyama City, Kashiwa City, and M
atsudo City, Chiba Prefecture Course Provider: "G
yoza" Total number of spots: 44 places

Wenshuzan Okunoin Inside the Womb

 Around Fukui City and Sabae Cit
y, Fukui Prefecture Course Provider: "FOA
" Total number of spots: 18 places

Kirii Walk

 Course providers around K
ita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
: "FOA" Total number of spots: 24

Jonan Topographical Walk

 Course providers around Meguro, Shinag
awa, and Ota wards in Tokyo: NaviTabi Tot
al number of spots: 61 locations

Tsurumi river bridge tour

 Machida City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokoh
ama City Course Provider: NaviTabi
Total Number of Spots: 91

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