About Us

About Us

Corporate philosophy

Make your city a PlayGround.

Navigation games
To more people,
In more places,
We provide society with a platform that can be enjoyed more easily.


In order to make it easier for people to learn about the fun of navigation, I started a company in September 2017 with my friends who were orienteering as students.
We believe that those who want to enjoy navigation are in their place. On the other hand, the competition population of sports centered on navigation such as orienteering and rogening does not increase easily compared to other sports. However, we believe that as long as we create "triggers", more people will enjoy navigation.
It's hard to get people ready to enjoy navigation
Even if you try to enjoy navigation using a map with a little event, the burden on the operating side is large, such as map survey and course setting as preparation in advance, distribution of maps, control installation, control passage confirmation on the day.
I just want people to enjoy my favorite city, so why is it so hard? Navi responds to such feelings every time.

A navigation game where you can start casually
If you take in recent new technologies, you can easily enjoy navigation with one smartphone.
I don't even need a compass. I don't even need a map. You don't need e-cards, SI, or other proof-of-passage tools anymore.


Company Name Navi Tabi LLC
Established. September 2017
Capital 5 million yen
Representative employees Takashi Irie
Number of employees 4 (as of August 1, 2020)
Head office address 2-5-1-1009 Goraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Member organizations Tokyo Orienteering Association


September 2017 Establishment of a company
March 2018 iPhone app releases Android app
April 2018 Introduction of the first corporate training (Aioy Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.)
October 2018 Over 1,000 app downloads (iPhone and Android total)
October 2018 Held the first event "Izu Oshima NaviTabi Event"
November 2018 NaviTabi app receives "Educational Effect Award" at G Space EXPO 2018 Contest (jointly exhibited with Tokyo Metropolitan Surveying And Design Association)
June 2019 Over 2,000 app downloads (iPhone and Android total)
June 2019 The app is compatible with the automatic punch function. Adopted for training domestic MTBO teams
August 2019 Multilingualize the app (Japanese and English). Started trial use for overseas MTBO
August 2019 Publish a β of web apps
January 2020 Over 3,000 app downloads (iPhone and Android total)
April 2020 Domestic open course 184, overseas open course 63 (17 countries)
As of November 2020 Over 10,000 app downloads (iPhone and Android total)
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