Pause Timekeeping

Pause timekeeping (measurement of elapsed time)

NaviTabi is a game in which players compete for points and within a set time limit. As in navigation sports such as Rogaining and Orienteering, the clock keeps running even if you stop and take a break. As an exception, timekeeping (measurement of elapsed time) can be paused in the following cases:

  • An untimed leg of a straight course (a section of the course that has been set as untimed)
    • Punching a checkpoint at the beginning of an untimed leg (Pause Control) will pause the clock.
    • Punching the checkpoint at the end of the untimed leg restarts the clock.
    • The untimed leg and the checkpoints where it begins and ends are indicated in blue on the map.

  • Break checkpoints in the score course (checkpoints where timekeeping can be paused).
    • When you punch a rest checkpoint, you can pause play while within the punch reaction range of that checkpoint (the pause button is enabled).
    • After pausing, play can be resumed while within the punch reaction range of that checkpoint.
    • If you leave that checkpoint while paused, you can resume play, but the total paused time is not excluded from the elapsed time.
    • Once you resume play, you cannot pause again at that checkpoint.
    • Rest checkpoints are indicated in blue on the map.


Setting up a course to pause timekeeping (for event organizers)

  • Setting Untimed Legs on Straight Courses

    • Consider setting up untimed legs in the following locations on the course

      • When you want to prevent crossing a road with heavy traffic.
        Place a timed restart control immediately before crossing the road with the restart checkpoint after crossing the road.

      • Crowded areas where it is unsafe to run.

      • If you want to have a section on a long course where runners can take a break.

    • How to set up 

      • On the course setup screen, specify a control and select “Pause until next control”.
        (Note that untimed legs can not start from a control that is passed through multiple times on a loop).

  • Score Course Pause Control Settings (Upgrade required)

    • Please use this function if you wish to allow Controls that pause timekeeping while at the control.

      • Allows users to sightsee, shop for goods, pray and worship at religious spots, take a rest, or take refreshments, etc.

    • How to set up

      • On the course setting screen, specify a control and select “Set as pause control”.

      • Upgrade to the paid subscription plan or Per event upgrade is required to use the feature.

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