NaviTabi Monthly Report / June 2023

Monthly update of NaviTabi for our users:


  1. Major updates released this month
  2. Monthly active users
  3. Courses uploaded
  4. Cumulative downloads


1.Major Updates Released This Month


Minor bug fixes.


Fixed a bug where multiple choices could be correct on multiple choice quiz.

Make sure you update to the newest version before using NaviTabi.

2. Monthly Active Users

Monthly users for June, 2023 was as follows:
Courses Played: 2,969Plays
Events Created: 175Events



3. Courses Uploaded

Courses uploaded onto NaviTabi has reached 48 Countries, 5,604Events.

About 60% of the courses are in France.


4. Cumulative Downloads


NaviTabi total cumulative downloads: 63,560 (as of 6/30)

Breakdown of the downloads:

Top 5 Countries/regions: 
 ・France (54%)
 ・Japan (21%)
 ・Singapore (9%)
 ・Portugal (6%)
 ・Taiwan (3%)



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