New subscription plan for individuals and new plan pricing for organizers!

Notice of App Update and Service Changes

In response to requests for more affordable pricing for both organizers and support for individual users, we have made significant improvements in how the app is priced and offered.

Change in Play Count Method for Free Courses (currently for Japanese users only)

  • We have changed the method of counting the maximum number of plays for free courses as follows:
    • Before: Up to 20 players per event per day (i.e., plays by the same user of the same event are not counted)
    • After: Up to 20 plays per event per day (however, subsequent plays by the same user within the same category are not counted

Unlimited Use of “Trial Course” for App Operation Practice (currently for Japanese users only)

  • Courses with two or fewer control points are now treated as “Trial Courses” and can be used for free without a limit on the number of plays (these plays are not counted).

Introduction of the New “Player Plan”

  • We have launched a new subscription for individual users who mainly run courses.
  • Plan details:
    • Downloadable course maps (OpenStreetMap) in PDF for personal use.
    • Unlimited access to detailed play records (free users are limited to the past 30 days).
  • Pricing: 2.99 EUR per month, 11.99 EUR per year


Restriction on Accessing Detailed Past Play Records

  • For free accounts, the period for viewing detailed play records of oneself and other users has been limited to the past 30 days. 

Pricing Revision for Event Organizer Plan

  • We have reduced the annual payment price from 99.99 EUR to 49.99 EUR (no changes to monthly fees).

Change in Billing Method for Paid Features for Event Organizers (relevant currently only in Japan)

  • Previously, the use of paid features for event organizers required either a subscription to the Event Organizer Plan or per-event billing. From now on, subscription to the Event Organizer Plan is necessary.

Changes to the Option for Expanding Maximum Play Counts (relevan currently only in Japan)

  • It is now possible to make the maximum number of plays unlimited with a single in-app purchase.
  • You may choose one of the following options (once expanded to 50 plays, further expansion is not possible):
    • Expand maximum plays from 20 to 50 – Regular price 10,000 JPY (Organizer Plan discount price 5,000 JPY)
    • Expand maximum plays from 20 to unlimited – Regular price 20,000 JPY (Organizer Plan discount price 10,000 JPY)

We hope you continue to enjoy NaviTabi with these new updates and thank you for your continued patronage.

NaviTabi Team

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