Application Issues for Users on iOS

We are currently dealing with an issue in the iOS (iPhone or iPad) application for non-Japan area users of NaviTabi. Users of NaviTabi on iPhones may encounter when accessing course outside of Japan, a message asking the user to purchase the course. Please contact NaviTabi support ( in these cases to access the course.

This will occur only on courses created or edited on or after January 17th using an iOS NaviTabi application. Users on Android will not experience any issues.
We advise that iOS users do not create or edit courses until this problem is fixed. We have currently made fixes and waiting for Apple to approve the updates. If you have made a course using iOS and need to make it available, please contact NaviTabi support ( and we will make changes manually to make corrections for that course.
We apologize for any inconveniences this may have for our users.
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