NaviTabi was used in new employee training

I used the “NaviTabi” app in the new employee training of Aioy Nissay Dowa Non-Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, client).

From April 10 to 11, 2018, about 700 new employees (total for two days) gathered in Mt. Takao for group orienteering in groups of four.

Through the experience of “navigation”, which we are not usually familiar with, we were able to communicate more deeply with each team, and we were evaluated that it led to the cultivation of “unity” between new employees.

Interviews on the day

The following video (about 5 minutes) summarizes the situation of the day and interviews with clients, so please take a look if you like.

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Client’s Aim

This time, the aim of the client in this training was to:

・Since the indoor training menu is mainly for learning the basics of working people, we want to foster a sense of unity by mixing outdoor menus.

・I want to stick to the experience of “having fun learning”, such as quiz questions at each point about the knowledge about the company that I learned in the training.

・By selecting a location called Mt. Takao that takes a certain physical load, we plan to create help within the group.

・I would like you to practice “deeper communication” through discussing navigation such as course selection.

・On the management side, since a large number of people enter the mountains at the same time, we would like to put the safety of each group first.

Key points of NaviTabi utilization

In response to these, we have utilized the following functions of the NaviTabi app.

– Show quizzes at each point.

・ By utilizing the “Live Watching” function, each participant’s position in the mountains is grasped in real time to ensure safety.

In addition, the course was conducted as a point orienteering using a part of the Tokyo Orienteering Association permanent course “Oku Takao” as a passing proof method.


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