The 2nd Smart Orienteering Championship and Navi Tabi Event will be held at Seto Park on Saturday, January 11, 2020

[Posted on 11/16 (Sat)]

The second smart orienteering held in March last year will be held at The Shedder Park. This time, there is also a challenge class every time you navi push the characteristics of the automatic punch to the front. Please join us.

Overview of the event

【Date】 January 11, 2020 (Saturday) Light rain or rain cancellation

【Venue】S guest park (Adachi-ku, Tokyo)

【Organizer】 Navi Tabi LLC

【Support】 Tokyo Orienteering Association

【Meeting Place】Shuji Park Kusaji Hiroba (Tents for women's changing are prepared) Get off at "ShutoKoen Station" on the NToneri_Area_Detailight Village Liner and walk for 5 minutes

【Reception hours】10:00-13:00 (tentative)

【Participation Conditions】 If you have a smartphone with navitabi app (iOS 10 / Android 4.4 or higher)

【Competition format】
Orienteering on the map displayed on the app screen (to be ISSprOM2019 compliant). Do not place control flags. It punches automatically when approaching the center of the control circle (reaction distance about 20m).

【Class and participation fee】

Class Championship setting time Participation Fee Top start time
Smart Orienteering Championship 25 minutes (planned) 1,000 yen per person 10:30
Navi Tabi Challenge 20 minutes (planned) 1,000 yen per person 10:30

※ You can also apply for both classes for a total of 1,500 yen. In this case, the Smart Orienteering Championship will start with a timed start, and the start time of the challenge will be determined on the day of each navi.
Please pay the participation fee at the venue on the day. In case of rain, participation fee will not be collected. No cancellation fee is required.

Smart Orienteering Championship Class
Running power × map power × Compete for the seat of the champion of smart orienteering, a new sense sport of smartphone power. Depending on the control position, this characteristic can be used to advance the race advantageously because it can pass without necessarily going to the center of the control circle.
※ The check your current location button will be disabled.
Paper maps will be distributed after the competition (advance applicants only).

Navi Tabi Challenge Class
A compic leg that utilizes the speed feeling by automatic punching, installation in a place that is not normally placed using GPS, and the characteristics of no flag installation. We also offer fun by watching live.
※ You can use the
check your current location button.
※ You can run with a paper
map (advance applicants only).

【Application form】
Pre-registration: Please enter at Japan-O-entry. Deadline: 1/3 (Fri)
* Advance application is also available at the chiba university tournament venue on Sunday, January 5.
* A paper map will be provided to pre-applicants.
Application on the day: Smart Orienteering Championship, navi every time challenge is 1000 yen, but it is not eligible for award.
* Paper maps will not be provided to applicants on the day.

The top 3 men and women in each class will be honored. Applications on the day are not eligible for awards.
If you run in the Smart Orienteering Championship class, you will not be eligible for the Challenge Class award every time you navi.

・ The organizer will not be liable for any damage, loss, etc. caused by the participant to the smartphone, himself or others.
Please install the app "NaviTabi" in advance. You can also access the app installation destination from the link that appears by accessing this QR code. In addition, we will prepare a practice course on the day. If you have never used Navi Every time, please be sure to try it before running.
・ The organizer will not lend smartphones and batteries. The superiority by the performance of the smartphone, the superiority by the size of the screen, the battery of the smartphone, etc. are also part of the competition. Please consider your own response.
・ The use of shoes with metal pins is prohibited.

NaviTabi T-shirt
Sell NaviTabi T-shirts Available in navy/hot pink color and SS/S/M/L/XL in size (XL is navy only). The price is 1,500 yen (special price for event participants). Colors and sizes are limited. If you wish to purchase, please fill in the desired color and size in the contact information section at the time of advance application.

【NaviTabi Consultation】
There will be a place where you can talk about NaviTabi, such as holding events using NaviTabi. Please feel free to contact us after the competition.

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