On Saturday, November 17, we will hold a rogening-style event on surveying reference points around Edo Castle.

Reference Point Infrastructure Tourism 2018 Around Edo Castle

Thank y[2018/12/01update]ou for joining us. The Tokyo Metropolitan Surveying and Design Association has released a video containing the state of the day, so please take a look.

It is an event in the form of rogening around the surveying reference point around Edo Castle with the smartphone app NaviTabi in one hand. You can enjoy from the historical surveying mark of the Meiji era to the latest electronic reference point in half a day. As a bonus, you can receive a reference point card for the checkpoint you passed around at the finish point.

Outline of the event

Re Saturday, November 17, 2018, 12:15-16:30
Hosted Tokyo Metropolitan Surveying and Design Association
Sponsorship National Federation of Survey Design Associations, Tokyo Metropolitan Orienteering Association
Cooperation Navi Tabi, TEAM 闍 Pear
assembly Survey Pension Hall 2F, 11-1 Yamabukicho, Shinjuku-ku
Approximately 5 minutes' walk from Edogawabashi Station and Kagurazaka Station on the Tokyo Metro

Click to access kaikan-map.pdf

There is no parking lot.

dissolution Japanese Level Origin Diet Front Yard
Belongings ・ Smartphone with NaviTabi installed (minimum of 1 car required for the team)
Spare battery (required)
Insurance card (required)
・ Money (public transportation is available on the way. Food and beverages are available for purchase.
Compass (optional)
・ Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes (no dressing place will be prepared)
Cost Adults 1000 yen, Junior high school students and younger 500 yen
(Per person.) Including insurance, payment at the reception on the day)
Capacity 150 (first come, first served)
Benefits Reference point card (where I took a picture with NaviTabi)
Awards High score (1st to 3rd place), special award
※ Each checkpoint has a score, and the total point of the checkpoint turned is the score.

This reference point infrastructure tourism 2018 will also be exhibited at Geo Activity Contest 2018 (G Space EXPO 2018) held at The National Museum of Science and Innovation in Odaiba from November 15 (Thu) to November 17 (Sat).


Reception 12:15~12:40
Description 12:40~13:00
Start 13:00~
Finish closure 16:00
Award ceremony 16:15~
Venue closures 16:30


How to Join

It is a rogening event of the photography method using the app. Checkpoints, such as survey reference points, are shown in Mal on the app's map. When you find a checkpoint on your feet, take a picture of the same angle as the checkpoint snage with the app's camera. Transportation is available on foot and public transport is available. Taxis and bicycles are not allowed. It is OK to run as long as it does not become a nuisance to the general public, but please enjoy it at your own pace to the last.

How to operate the app will be explained before the start of the day. The operation manual of the app can be viewed from this page.


Start point and finish point are different. I can't leave my luggage at the starting point.
・ There is no changing place at both the start point and the finish point. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
・ Please be sure to finish by the finish closing time to confirm the return. If you are unable to finish, be sure to contact the organizer.

・ Please install the latest version of NaviTabi on your smartphone in advance and participate.
・ Please prepare your own portable spare battery to prevent the battery from expiring.
・ If the event cannot be held due to weather conditions, etc., we will guide you to survey & TOKYO's website.

Participation Terms and Conditions

・ Comply with event rules and precautions
・Do not act in a way that causes inconvenience to the local community, such as entering prohibited areas.
・Take away any garbage or unnecessary objects to your home.
・In the event of any trouble, contact the organizer immediately.
・Manage your physical condition at your own risk, contact the organizer if you become unwell, and immediately stop participating.
・ Minors must participate with the consent of their guardians.
・ The organizer is not responsible for any damage to the person or a third party.


Please apply from this form.
If you are joining as a team
, please apply one by one.
Deadline: November 13, 2018

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