October 20 (Sat) "Izu Oshima Navi Tabi Event 2018" will be held

[10/21 (Sun) Update! ] 】

I was able to hold it safely. Thank you very much to everyone who participated!

Learn more about event reports.

[10/19 (Fri)Update! 】

The sam[hr]e-day application fee for individual classes has been reduced from 1,000 ⇒ to 500 yen per day.

If you have time after participating in the "5th Geopark Izu Oshima Tournament", please come to the ve[hr]nue!

[10/18 (Thu) Update! ] 】

10/18 (Thu) is full, and advance application has been closed.

Thank you very much for applying.

■To participants (please see instead of the program)

To the participants

■Clubs t[icon icon=icon-download-alt size=20px color=#aaa ]hat have been selected for club competition classes (in the order of application)

[columns] [span3]
Club 闍 Pear
The University of Tokyo OLK
Kyoy association
Ima Olc
[/span3][span9] [/span9][/columns]

■Entry list (as of 24:00 on Thursday, October 18)

2018102[icon icon=icon-download-alt size=20px color=#aaa ]0EntryList_1018

[10/7 (Sun) Update! ] 】

On th[hr]e app, we're publishing a "Family Class" course. Please see the course from the app!

【Posted on 8/27 (Monday)】

This is the fir[columns][span2]st comp[/span2][span2]etitive [/span2][span2]event u[/span2][span2]sing the[/span2][span2] naviga[/span2][span2]tion gam[/span2][/columns]e ap[hr]p NaviTabi.

You can participate even after the 5th Izu Oshima Tournament, an orienteering tournament hosted by the ES Kanto Club! (Start after 16:00 in the evening)

We have three classes: "Club Competition Class", which competes for the total score of two pairs, and "Individual Class" and "Family Class", which compete for individual scores. It is also possible for those who enter the "Club Competition Class" to make duplicate entries to individual classes.

Family classes will also be held from 15:00! (Applica[hr]tion on t[columns]he[span4] day onl[/span4][span8]y)

Please jo[/span8][/columns]in us!


Outline of the event

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018

【Sports District】Around Motomachi Port

【Organizers】 Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Recreation Association, Tokyo Orienteering Association, Oshima Tourism Association, Navi Tabi LLC (in no order)

【Support】 ES Kanto Club

【Venue】 Tokai Kisen Motomachi Port Passenger Ship Waiting Area (Doors open at 2:30 p.m.)

【Competition format】

Score format using smartphone app "NaviTabi", light rain cancellation, rain or rain cancellation


Eligibility for participation Competition time Participation Fee Start time
Club Competition Fill in the name of the club at the time of pre-application and enter at least 2 people from the same club 20 minutes 1,000 yen per person 16:30
Personal Nothing in particular 20 minutes 500 yen per person 16:00
family Two or more family members

Parents and children, junior high school students and older, including elementary school students and younger

60 Minutes Free 15:00

【Participation fee】

Club competition: 1,000 yen

Individual: 500 yen (application on the day 1,000 500 yen)

Family Class: Free

※ Those who entered the club competition can also run in the individual class.

* Please pay the participation fee at the venue on the day.

n form】

・ Club competition class: Please apply in advance at Japan-O-entry. (Application deadline: Thursday, October 18).

* If you are participating in the club competition, please unify the club registration name in the club and enter individually.

・ Individual class: Please apply in advance at Japan-O-entry (application deadline: Thursday, October 18) or on the day of application.

* Please note that if you apply on the day, the participation fee will be 1,000 yen.

・ Family class: Only application on the day. Please come to the venue on the day.


The club competition will award the top three clubs with a total score of the top two players from the same club.

Individuals, families (elementary school parents and children) and families (junior high school students and older) will each be awarded the top 3/3 pairs.


  • The organizer shall not be liable for any damage, loss, etc. caused by the participant to himself or others.
  • Please install the app "NaviTabi" in advance.
  • The organizer will not lend smartphones and batteries. Because it is evening, please pay careful about the battery level of the smartphone.


Info◆navitabi.co.jp (please change ◆ to @) or fill out this form.

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