NaviTabi Experience at Chiba Prefectural High School

On July 9, Yamamoto gave a lecture at Chiba Prefectural High School on the theme of using it for geography education every time.

Our company, Yamamoto
Our company, Yamamoto

We invited you to the "Chiba High School Education Research Group Geography Subcommittee Education GIS Research Group", a workshop for teachers involved in geography education in Chiba Prefecture, and introduced how to use it in education.

After the workshop, we were challenged to navigate a simple course on campus using a smartphone.

Course diagram
Course on chiba high school campus (score format)

In the new course of study, which will be implemented from high school students in 2022, the "time for comprehensive study" will be renamed as "time for comprehensive exploration", and a new subject called "Geography Exploration" will also be established.

Looking ahead to these new subjects, we tried the NaviTabi app as one of the education that you can "experience" based on maps.

Referring to the impressions received from the experienced teachers, we will continue to advance the evolution of the app in order to expand the door of navigation.

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