The Shake! NaviTabi with just one hand!

Now you can NaviTabi with just one hand, with the shake function. When you arrive at a checkpoint and need to punch, instead of tapping the smartphone screen, you can shake to punch. This allows you to carry map in one hand and smartphone in the other much easier. Also, no need for the frustrations of trying to tap the wet screen.

  1. When “Punch” is shown, instead of tapping the Punch button, shake the smartphone.
  2. When it is in camera mode, shake again. After a 3 second count down, the app wil take a picture.
  3. Shake to confirm the picture.

There may be cases where you are running and shaking the smartphone causes the smartphone to take a picture inadverdantly. Tap the retake button to retake the picture. If the photo has been confirmed, take a picture using the smartphone camera. You can replace the NaviTabi picture later after you have finished.

You can turn the shake function off on the iPhone by changing the settings. Tap the “Settings” button on the lower right hand side of the screen. Choose App settings. Change “Punch with shake gesture” to Off.

For Android OS smartphones, you can turn the shake function off or change the sensitivity of the shake. There are 4 different levels of sensitivity. Choose settings by clicking the menu icon on the top left. Choose App Settings to change the settings.

It is recommended that event organizers notify users of the shake function before the event start.

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