Powerful app functions for creating map files

NaviTabi is known for making it easy to organize app based orienteering and rogaining events, but it is actually very good at making paper maps as well. Some of the recent updates have made map creating even more available for our users, so this is just a reminder for everyone what the app is capable of doing:

The following are the main features

  • Automatically add the magnetic north lines – Include magnetic north lines at intervals of your choice.
  • Scale – Set the scale as you like.
  • Background map – Open Street Map or where available Open Orienteering Map.
  • Paper size – From B5 to A3 paper sizes in either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Printing Area – Scroll the map and set the print area.

These features are available when you pay for the Event Organizer Plan or the Player Plan. You can preview the file even if you have not paid for the plan. Please see below for details.

Exporting Maps to PDF
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