NaviTabi User Event 2024 Spring held with some international participants!

NaviTabi User Event 2024 Spring was held on May 11th at Sudo Park, a small park middle of Tokyo. Despite the event being for just a few core users, we ended up with some new users from Norway who happened to be in Tokyo. Thanks for coming to the event!

The score course running around the Nishi Nippori Station and the complex railway complex was won by koala-ma san.

The sprint Sendagi North B course was won by high school runner, Ryutaro.

The Norwegian runners, after the run, got to enjoy some Japanese “Sento” and good beer with the rest of the participants.

The courses are available on NaviTabi. Try them out if you have chance to be in Tokyo, or let us know and we’d be happy to organize mini runs!

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