Rediscover the city of Sunpu with Rogening! <常設コース> time challenge using NaviTabi in The University of Tokyo

You can take on the time and score challenge using NaviTabi in the rogening course currently opened around Sunpu Castle Park in Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City.

A rogening course has been established for a limited time under the joint pilot project "Sunpu-no-Koku Rediscovering Rogening" between shizuoka city sports promotion section and NPO M-nop. The venue is a 90-minute course at the Run &amp; Refresh Station near Sunpu Castle Park last year. Cp is a petit famou
s place in shizuoka city area and points for disaster prevention. It is said that prizes will also be issued to those who are high-ranking during the permanent course opening period, so please try it.

Please check the event page for details.

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