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 We are NaviTabi 

Make the streets a navigation playground.
We want to send fun of navigation in people all over the world. Just put the app to the smartphone, the streets becomes a playground.

Through a “NaviTabi” app, We offer a navigation game to all streets.

Whether you want to enjoy orienteering or not, try NaviTabi!

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 NaviTabi Enables You To … 

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1. Enjoy Navigation On your Smartphone

You can enjoy a navigation game in a variety of courses published on the app.
There are over 100 courses on the app, so you can enjoy ORIENTEERING, ROGAINING, PHOTO ROGAINING, MTB ORIENTEERING and many other navigation games!

Tips for MTBO


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2. Publish Your Course on app

You can publish your own course on NaviTabi app. Let’s share fun with NaviTabi users.



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3. Organize Events

Not only the permanent courses someone have published, also you can hold a new event with our support.



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