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Create Events

Launch the app, please select the “Other” in the lower right.

When you create a new, please tap the “+” button in the upper right corner.

Set the name of the event to create, please proceed to tap the “Create” button.

After the event creation, subtitle, description, such as notes, prefectures, please fill in and selecting the cover image.
Is the last is recommended to turn on the check button in the “public”.
To change its contents after publishing the event courses, please refrain because there is a possibility of confusion in the player occurs.


First of all, it is necessary to set the spot on the map.
Select “all the spots”, and a spot that can be set on the course keep ahead it is smooth.
For category settings, and then later.

In the screen for setting the spot, move the map, please is where you want to set to come to the mark, such as ◯ in the center of the map.

If you combined the location where you want to set, press the “+” mark under the map right, please add the spot.

Please fill in the description and set the spot of the name.
Also, please set the photo of the spot. You can also photographed on the spot, it is also possible to set the photo that had been taken in advance.


First of all, in that event, to set one or more of the categories.
For each category,
“score” (compete to score within the time limit) or
(compete for time-determined course) “straight-through” Choose.
The following are described in the case of the “score”.


Course setting of NaviTabi is,
Events> Categories> Courses
has a hierarchical structure that.
One of the “category” more of in the “event”,
we Zui string as a “category” is one of the “course”.
It is possible to use the same “course” in more than one “category”.

Course type, you can choose from three of the following.
– “score”
→ compete the number of points collected within the time limit ,

“score (anywhere Start)”
→ does not specify a start-finish point
ends from where for the first time and where you will be a good score format ,

→ specify compete around, the time in the order in which they were

Here you select the “score”

Enter category name, subtitle, and explanation and precautions.

In the case of the score, and then set the time limit, the late deduction rate when not in time to the time limit.


Set a course for the category. 
And how to create a new course, there is a way to assign a previously created courses.

Please set the name of the course to set a new one.

The spot to be used in the course, please select from the list.

Choose whether to use that spot in what role. 
Control: the middle of the checkpoint of course 
start: the starting point 
finish: finish point 
start & finish: Select to the start and finish in the same place

If you want to use in the role of control, enter the score of that spot.

Once you have set one way, please save the event.


Before you publish the event course, we recommend that it is a trial run. 
Whether the setting was allocated points or time limit, such as is appropriate, thank you to confirm. 
Method of operating a test run is the same as during normal play.

Create Event  |  Spots  |  Categories  |  Courses  |  Testplay