NaviTabi Monthly Report / July 2020

In order to communicate the situation of NaviTabi to users in a more timely manner, we have posted a monthly report from April 2020.



 1. Major updates released this
month 2.TOPIC
3.Monthly users 4
.Event creations
5.Cumulative downloads

1. Major updates for this month's release

This month's app update is as follows: On
e of the biggest is

You can now upload a map of your course's underlying picture.

I would like you to create a course on the original map, such as a map created by
yourself. When using, please update to the latest version of th

e app. < Update List (iOS) >

– You can now change the order in which events ar
e listed. – Fixed a bug.

– Supported login with Apple ID. – Fixed an issue
where kmz maps could not be replaced. – Improved an issue
where it was time-spent reflecting the number of players on a course.


Team 闍 collaboration with "Tokyo Yusui Meguri 60"

Team 闍 collaboration with "Tokyo Yusui Meguri 60" (until April 30, 2021), a permanent event of old map rogening held by Yuri. You can enjoy rogen

ing the real world by relying on old maps. There are 6 courses wi
th different characteristics and individuality. Please try to conquer 60 spring water places in Musashino,

Tokyo! Rogeing itself uses an old map of paper, and it is a part that records GPS tracking and play, and we cooperate as NaviTabi.

If you are interested, please see the guide below ↓

! Team 闍 "Tokyo Spring Water Tour 60"


3. Number of monthly users

The monthly number of users in July 2020 was as foll
ows: Number of plays: 1,188
Number of events created: 268 Ev

ents In Japan, there were many rainy days, and the number of players decreased, but more than 1,000 people continued to play.



4. Published Events

The number of events currently open to the public is 785.


5. Cumulative Downloads


NaviTabi's smartphone app has a cumulative dow
nload of 6,264 (as of August 2).

The main breakdowns

are as
follows. OS type / iOS:
3,713 (59%) Android: 2,551 (41%)

Top download countr
ies and regions
– Japan (71%) and
France (14%)
 Taiwan (7%) Denma
rk (2%) Austria (1%)

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