In-App Messaging

Note: This feature is available for NaviTabi version 9.0.0 and above.

NaviTabi now offers in-app messaging, enabling users to exchange text messages directly within the app. This feature is designed to facilitate safe and smooth communication for event management.

In-app messaging comes in two forms:

  • Messages Within Events
    • A shared message room is available for all participants (players, spectators, and organizers) of an event, allowing for real-time communication.
    • Each event has a single message room, accessible across all categories (courses) within the event.
    • Available for use in all events.
  • Direct Messages Between Organizers and Participants
    • A one-to-one messaging option between event organizers and participants.
    • Only accessible for events where the organizer has activated the direct messaging feature.

Using Messages During Play

  • Display incoming messages to stay informed while playing. Messages from organizers will appear as pop-ups for immediate attention.
  • Easily toggle visibility of new messages.
  • Event messages can be displayed on a separate screen. Sending messages to all event participants is also possible.
  • View and send direct messages to the organizer through a separate screen, enhancing direct communication.
    • Note: Direct messaging is contingent upon the organizer enabling this feature for their event.

Messages on the Live Map Screen

  • The live map screen supports the same messaging functionalities as the play screen, perfect for sending updates or encouragement before starting, after finishing, or even during spectating.

Accessing Messages from the Event Screen

  • Messages can be accessed directly from an event’s main screen by tapping the designated message button.
  • Event administrators will find a “Switch to Organizer Mode” button, allowing them to access organizer-specific messaging features. Switching to this mode changes the screen’s background color, allowing you to use messages as an event organizer.
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